023: Pivotal Connections Lead to Becoming a CEO with Steve Gordon

Welcome back to Build Your Network with Travis Chappell. Today’s guest is Steve Gordon. Steve is the author of the book Unstoppable Referrals and publisher of The Unstoppable CEO, the leadership journal for growing firms. He’s the editor of 3 business newsletters and has published hundreds of articles on marketing and selling high-ticket products and services in high-trust transactions. At age 28, Steve Gordon became the CEO of an engineering consulting firm. 12 years later, after growing that firm’s revenue by 10 times, he started his second business, consulting one-on-one with businesses across 30 industries including manufacturing, professional services, construction and consulting to design sales, marketing and referral systems for high-ticket, high-trust products and services.

Here’s what Steve and Travis discuss on today’s episode:

  • What Steve does in high-ticket, high-trust products and services business and how they are different from other kinds of businesses
  • The pivotal moment of connection in Steve’s life that led to him getting his first job out of college and ultimately to being a CEO by the age of 28
  • The one take-away he wants you to know from his book about the problems with the traditional model of referrals and what to do instead
  • The importance of intentionality in relationship building and discerning who should be in your inner circle and who shouldn’t
  • The litmus test Steve applies to people when he meets them through networking to tell if they’re a good person to work with
  • Why podcasting is a fantastic way to start relationships and a great focal point for networking
  • Steve’s number one tip for networking and connecting
  • The importance of growing your confidence to act in business and the ability to interact with anyone
  • Why formal mentorships and masterminds have been the best investment Steve made throughout his career
  • The reason Steve avoids Facebook groups and advocates finding the right people to network with
  • How difficult and important it is to follow up well when networking

Where to Find Steve:

  • The best place to find him is through his website, www.theunstoppableCEO.net where you can find all kinds of useful resources

Links and recommended resources:

If you’re serious about building your network, check out the Facebook group, Build Your Network Beta at byn.media/fb

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