026: Networking Tips for Millennials with Hillary Grossman

Welcome back to Build Your Network with Travis Chappell. The guest today is Hillary Grossman. Hillary is a young social entrepreneur. She has had experience in all varieties of entrepreneurship, from working in a startup tech business, a direct sales company and is now sourcing products for herself and clients out of Asia. In addition to her zest for entrepreneurship, Hillary has a strong passion for teaching others about having a positive mindset, personal growth and how to achieve overall happiness. Originally from Dallas, Texas, Hillary is currently in Hong Kong with her family.

Here’s what Travis and Hillary discuss in this episode:

  • What kind of products Hillary is sourcing in Hong Kong and how the process has snowballed from her original purpose.
  • How a random connection at a convention ultimately led to finding a mentor, a good friend and now a business partner
  • How Hillary’s life changed when she started changing the habits she was participating in to take her from fixed mindset to growth mindset
  • Why Hillary thinks this connection with Armani Zane was not only crucial to her success but meant to be
  • What Hillary believes is more important than both what you know and who you know, and why it helps you impact more people
  • The reasons people tend to seek validation through networking early in their entrepreneurial journeys, and why it’s a problematic approach
  • Why people fail at increasing their influence and growing their inner circle because of fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, and fear of failure
  • Hillary’s number 1 networking tip, especially for Millennials who are used to instant gratification
  • How Hillary met Mark Cuban and Shawn Achor randomly at her gym
  • The ways Hillary has made 2 important connections within a week of being in Hong Kong
  • Why you should consider networking as a lifestyle not an event, and connect with people wherever you go regularly, e.g. the gym, coffee shops
  • How Hillary uses Facebook messenger to cultivate relationships and her advice for connecting with the people you want to connect with online
  • The importance of starting your day off with gratitude
  • Why it’s hard for Hillary to be detail-oriented and organized and how she’s actively working on it right now

Where to Find Hillary:

The best place to find her is on Facebook at Hillary Grossman

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