035: The Best Location at Any Conference with Matt Miller

The guest today is Matt Miller. Matt’s early career was as an air force pilot and advertising executive. In 2007 he started his franchise company, School Spirit Vending, which has raised over $4 million for education since inception. SSV provides a proven and profitable business system for professionals looking to develop secondary income streams. With over 2500 franchise locations around the US and a franchise team of over 105 families in 43 states, SSV is going from strength to strength. In this episode, Matt shares how he did it and the way networking played a significant part in his success.

Here’s what Travis and Matt discuss in this episode:

  • Matt’s journey from the military, to advertising, to working for himself
  • How a story from a friend from church got Matt into vending
  • The pivot he took in 2008 that led to the franchises and custom spirit stickers
  • The many ways connections have led to moments of success in Matt’s life and business
  • Why Matt believes who you know is more important than what you know
  • The power of getting to know people who have a bigger sphere of influence and more credibility than you
  • Practical ways Matt tries to add more value and look after the people he connects with
  • How a sticker machine encourages kids to read
  • Matt’s number 1 networking tip and why he spends the majority of his time at conferences in the hallway
  • Where Matt goes online and in person to cultivate relationships
  • The impact of masterminds and mentorships on Matt’s life and career
  • What Matt would do if he had to start rebuilding his network

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