137: Being a Real Estate Entrepreneur with Ali Boone

In this new episode of the Build Your Network podcast, Travis Chappell interviews Ali Boone, a lifestyle entrepreneur, business consultant, and real estate, investor.

Here’s what Travis and Ali discuss in this episode:

  • About Ali Boone

    o Lifestyle Entrepreneur.

    o Business consultant.

    o Real estate investor.

    o Left her job as an aerospace engineer to work for herself.

    o Went from food stamps in the first year of entrepreneurship to over $18 million in real estate transactions in her first five years.

    oShe teaches flying.

    o Volunteering in prisons.

    • Ali Boone’s background

    o Started flying planes

    o Worked as an engineer

    o Wanted to make a lot of money

    oShe was “freakishly independent”

    • Advice for Finding Your Career

    o Patience.

    o Research and exploration.

    o Being able to support yourself.

    o Finding mentors.

    o Working with good people.

    • Real estate Investing

    o Was up for the challenge to prove doubters wrong.

    o Her first investment was a beachfront bungalow in Nicaragua for $99,000—

    which ultimately failed.

    o In my first 18 months of investing, I bought five properties, primary with different

    variances of creative financing and that started my real estate investing career.

    • Creative Financing

    oAsk how you can make it happen, not if you can make it happen.

    o Her first financing was mostly her own with credit cards and savings.

    o Partnered with a man after buying a property in Atlanta.

    o Ali doesn’t encourage investors to partner with friends and family.

    o Met people on the selling side and people that wanted to invest through


    o Ali’s business is like a match-maker with sellers and buyers, not flipping


    o Turn-key properties have been part of her portfolio.

    o Doing the least amount of work for the most amount of money.

    • Who You Know vs. What You Know

    o It is more important to know the people that know more than you.

    o What you don’t know can hurt you.

    o Mentors are important.

    oShe read a lot of physical  books, more than podcasts, to piggyback off of what

    they know.

The Random Round:

  • What profession other than your own do you think it would be fun to attempt?

    o Surfing instructor

    o Running a tiki hut in a Caribbean island.

    • If you could sit on a park bench with someone, past or present, and talk to them for an

    hour who would it be and why?

    oJack Canfield.

    • How do you like to consume content?

    oReading physical books.

    • What is a book that you would recommend for the audience to read?

    oLife book: “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield.

    • Give us a glimpse of your morning routine.

    o Sleeping until she wants to wake up.

    o Play with her dog.

    o Watch a soap opera.

    o Go to the gym.

    • What is your go-to pump up song?

    o Any rock song from the 1980s.

    • What is something you are just not very good at?

    o Details.

    • What is a place online that we would find you the most?

    o Writing for BiggerPockets.com



Tweetable Quotes:

-“I literally spend five years just researching and exploring.” – Ali Boone.

-“My very first intentional investment was a beachfront bungalow in Nicaragua for $99,000.” – Ali Boone.

-“In my first 18 months of investing I bought five properties, primary with different variances of creative financing, and that started my real estate investing career, which then turned into a business later.” – Ali Boone.

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