034: Using VAs to Increase Your Network with Austin Peek

The guest today is Austin Chandler Peek. Austin is the founder of Riverstone Recap, which is a commercial real estate mortgage firm. He’s 31 years old and hails from Jacksonville, Florida. Austin started Riverstone Recap four years ago, and now he’s originated over $60 million in commercial mortgage loans all across the country. In his free time he enjoys living the YOLO lifestyle. This fascinating guest is proudest of his latest endeavor, which is launching a self-proclaimed award-winning podcast, Millionaire Interviews.

Here’s what Travis and Austin discuss in this episode:

  • What Austin does and how he got into real estate
  • Why he decided to start his own company
  • How networking played a big role in Austin’s career
  • What Austin did in grad school that helped him learn from the best how to be successful
  • The power of working more on yourself than your business
  • Austin’s advice on how to increase your network, including a great tip about using VAs to help you
  • The importance of networking online and hanging out with entrepreneurial friends
  • The power of gratitude in Austin’s life
  • A glimpse of his morning routine

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