027: The Power of Mentorships and Masterminds with Brennan Scanlon

Welcome back to Build Your Network with Travis Chappell. The guest today is Brennan Scanlon. Brennan began his sales career at the age of 19. While working full-time and as a full-time college student, he built a successful insurance practice exclusively by referral. Now, as an executive director of BNI in Greater Cincinnati, and keynote speaker and best-selling author, he presents throughout the United States to Chambers of Commerce, Trade Associations and small businesses, to Fortune 100 companies such as Nation Wide Insurance, US Bank and Proctor and Gamble. Brennan co-authored the book Avoiding the Networking Disconnect with Dr. Ivan Misner and in this episode he shares his best advice for building your network. Enjoy!

Here’s what Travis and Brennan discuss in this episode:

  • What opportunity Brennan’s father gave him that helped make his insurance practice a success
  • How he ended up working for BNI
  • The one thing Brennan wants people to take away from his book
  • The importance of passion and purpose, and starting with WHY
  • What Brennan believes is more important than both who and what you know
  • The connection Brennan credits with his speaking and author career
  • The reason Brennan believes people fail in both networking and sales
  • The farmers vs. harvesters approach and which is most suitable for networking
  • The three things Brennan always does when he’s networking
  • The 24/7/30 system Brennan advises for multi-touch connection building
  • Where Brennan goes online to build connections
  • The power of mentorships and masterminds in Brennan’s career
  • Why Brennan recommends the rolling university
  • How BNI has changed Brennan’s morning routine despite his night-owl tendencies

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