045: Networking With Open Ears and Adding Value with Charles Byrd

In this new episode of the Build Your Network podcast, Travis Chappell interviews Charles Byrd, a public speaker and long-time Silicon Valley business veteran. Byrd’s company Byrd Word, LLC provides productivity training in the areas of marketing, education, and technology. During their networking discussion, Charles Byrd expresses the benefits of offering free webinars through joint ventures partnerships to add value to his partner’s members and gaining more supporters to his own list in the process. Byrd also shares his experiences at the Traffic and Conversion conference and discusses the course that he created called Zero-to-60 With Evernote available at KilltheChaos.pro. Learn the successful strategies that Charles Byrd subscribes to himself with this episode of Build Your Network with Travis Chappell.

Here’s what Travis and Charles discuss in this episode:

  • Travis Chappell introduces Charles Byrd
  • Charles states he worked in Silicon Valley for 15 years as a director for software firm
  • Charles discusses starting his own company
  • Charles’ online education course to teach entrepreneurs how to apply Evernote to their business
  • Strategies that benefited Charles when building up his subscribers with webinars and free training which added them to his list
  • Relationship building while Byrd built his course
  • Charles booking 2-6 joint webinars a week
  • Traffic and Conversion internet marketing conference – attracts 4000 marketers and Byrd’s event Pure JV about joint ventures
  • The importance of who you know
  • Scott Oldford as a leader in Facebook marketing
  • Benefits of joint venture webinars
  • Value of relationships in a mentorship capacity
  • Booking 31 partner meetings in 3 days during Traffic and Conversion: Listen to what people are trying to do, find a way to help them, help make introductions for people
  • Ways to give value can be outside of your industry by sharing talents that are beneficial
  • Get started, stay consistent, follow up when you say you will find movers and shakers in Facebook groups, have Skype chats, cold network building through discussing peoples work
  • Travis’ eBook about using Facebook groups effectively
  • Charles’ outside interests
  • Who Charles would love to chat with
  • How Charles prefers to learn
  • Charles Byrd’s morning routine
  • Planning your Perfect Today
  • What Charles struggles with
  • Charles’ available products and services
  • Charles’ closing thoughts

3 Key Points:

1.Building your network with joint venture webinars.

2.Networking is about listening to needs, solving problems, and making introductions.

3.Effective networking needs to actively happen on purpose, not by accident.

Tweetable Quotes:

-“We’ve grown a list from basically my Linkedin connections just back from the corporate world up to a year and a half later we’ve grown a list of 17,000 subscribers.” – Charles Byrd.

-“Charles started with giving. And it always, always, always starts with giving. Adding value.” – Travis Chappell

-“Listen first, and then try to add as much value as you possibly can.” – Travis Chappell.

-“I think I would chat with Obama, because he is a bad ass.” – Charles Byrd

–  “I listen to a lot of audiobooks because you can do it while you are walking the dog, or washing dishes or cooking.” – Charles Byrd


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