044: Why Spending Six Figures on Masterminds Has Been Worth It with Chris Harder

Host Travis Chappell speaks with Chris Harder, founder and host of the hit podcast For the Love of Money, and founder of Isagenix. Chris’s mindset is that when good people make good money they do great things. Chris talks about how his past helped him become the successful entrepreneur he is today and what he continues to do for success

Here’s what Travis and Chris discuss in this episode:

  • A little about Chris Harder:
    • Midwest born and raised, he now lives in Santa Monica.
    • He believes that being born and raised in the Midwest and taking it to the coast is a great mix of opportunity and the muscles needed to take advantage of it.
    • Had a career in banking.
    • Got kicked out of college, sitting in a classroom was not his thing.
  • What it was like in corporate America:
    • Left college and got a job selling cars because he loved cars.
      • He learned the art of sales and did great.
      • Became the top salesman out of 25.
    • Got promoted to the financing department.
      • When the head of the department was leaving, he was promoted to run it.
    • He moved over to the mortgage business in the late 90’s during the subprime time.
      • Got a job with an international bank as a loan officer – he was very successful.
      • Became the number one loan officer in the United States
      • They gave him a branch, then district, then division.
      • He was one of the fastest rising executives in a big corporation.
    • The great recession hit and the environment went from fun and encouraging to flying around for a year having to fire people.
      • This messed with his personal life and marriage.
      • He took a severance package at the end of it – made a ton of money.
      • They had spent the majority of the money they made and had to spend the severance package paying off debt
      • There were no jobs available during the recession.
    • One of his friends started a mortgage brokerage and wanted Chris to come help him and grow his business
      • They grew the brokerage and grew it to $330 mil. In loans during the recession.
        • 2009, 2010, 2011
      • He still didn’t make much money there because the money was going back into the company.
      • He wasn’t happy in the job
    • He was working on side-businesses and then those started to be successful.
      • He left his partnership job and he and his wife started growing their brands.
      • There was a lot of work and ups and downs on the back end that led to successful businesses.
    • Now they have the ability to make a big impact on the world that they didn’t have when Chris was in the banking world.
  • Who you know is more important than what you know, but what you do is the most important.
    • More particularly what you do FOR what you know.
    • If you have a heart for serving other people, you’ll never want for anything.
  • When does a connection with someone lead to a moment of success?
    • Because Chris has helped out people who know people, he gets guests for his podcasts through referrals and people he’s helped.
    • Not a day goes by where he doesn’t get an email introducing him to someone who would be a great guest on his podcast.
  • Why do people neglect to do networking?
    • Because it’s outside of their comfort zone.
    • Chris is a huge introvert, but his heart of service and the joy of connecting with people takes over the introvert.
    • If people know networking is the secret to success, but if they aren’t following through, it’s the fear of judgment.
    • The fear of judgment is the fear that we won’t be loved enough that inaction stems from.
    • You need to peel back the layers to find the root cause of what’s holding you back from making introductions.
  • Confidence is something that you’re not given or born with, it’s something that you develop.
    • Working on confidence and posture, those things will make or break you.
    • If you don’t think you have confidence, this is your time to try to develop it.
    • You won’t develop confidence without practice.
  • Practical advice to get more confidence:
    • Practice into video – sharing a good idea, introducing yourself, etc.
    • Practice over and over again.
    • Do more Instagram stories to exercise your muscle of coming across authentic, genuine, confident, and interesting.
    • Don’t worry about what others think – that’s the tricky part.
    • The best way to build confidence is consistency.
  • Mentorships and group masterminds were a big part of Chris’s success.
    • A mentor saw potential in Chris and taught him leadership and sales.
    • There were a couple people who were mentors to him in the banking industry.
      • His mentor taught him that there was a positive side to everything.
        • This seeped into Chris’s DNA and has made him an extremely positive person.
    • Now mentors in his life are people like Lewis Howes, a great man, and human being.
      • These people hold him accountable.
    • Chris has launched a mastermind group because he believes in them so much.
      • When you get mastermind groups right
        • Not too big and not too small.
        • 20 people are ideal.
        • You get to really know each other.
        • You can grow your business in ways that you never thought were possible.
      • Make it a goal to get into a mastermind in 2018.
      • You’ll be rubbing shoulders with people who care about helping you out.
  • Random round questions:
    • What profession other than your own do you think it would be fun to attempt?
      • Professional football
    • If you could sit on a park bench with anyone who would it be?
      • Richard Branson
    • How do you like to learn best: books, blogs or podcasts?
      • Books – entrepreneur’s biographies
    • What is one of your favorite books you’ve read recently?
      • Elon Musk Biography
      • Richard Branson Biography
      • Tuesdays with Maury
    • Give us a glimpse of your morning routine?
      • Big fan of strict morning routines.
        • Wakes his wife up to a mantra: “I’m happier, healthier, wealthier and more fit than I was yesterday.”
        • Closes his eyes and says a 60-second prayer of everything I’m grateful for.
        • Puts him in the right frame of mind.
        • Has coffee downstairs and reads with his wife.
        • 5-10 minutes of meditation.
        • Go to the gym.
        • Get home and part ways, but they have a protected “us time” until 11 am. That puts them first and lets them do the things they care about.
    • What is your go-to pump up song?
      • Loves EDM and Hip-Hop.
    • What are you not very good at?
      • Asking for help.
      • Out of fear of feeling like he’s burdening someone.
    • What is one place to find Chris?
      • On Instagram at ChrisWHarder
      • Podcast: fortheloveofmoney.com
      • iTunes: fortheloveofmoney.com

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “You put in the work and then the opportunities will create themselves.”
  • “If you have a heart for serving other people, you’ll never want for anything.”
  • If you have a heart for serving other people, you’ll never want for anything.

Resources Mentioned

Build Your Network Beta – Facebook Group

LoriHarder.com – Chris’s wife’s website

Isagenix – One of Chris’s brands

Thrive Conference – Business Conference

Elon Musk Biography

Richard Branson Biography

Tuesdays with Morrie

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