019: Derailing Your Inner Circle with Clif Braun

Welcome back to Build Your Network with Travis Chappell. The guest today is Clif Braun. Clif was just a kid who wanted to wear jeans and a T-shirt, drive a nice car and not have a boss. He always had the things he needed but never really the things that he wanted. From the time he made the decision to go for what he wanted at 19 years old, Clif has become a direct sales expert. He’s represented several different companies in several different industries and has built teams into the thousands. He condensed all his experience into his book, Social Marketing: No Money, No Experience, No Problem. He enjoys staying healthy and active and loves driving nice cars.

Here’s what Travis and Clif discuss on this episode:
• How meeting a mentor at 19 years old led to Clif making his first million at the age of 21
• The importance of mentorships and masterminds in accelerating your success and saving you time getting to your goals
• What Clif loves most about his business now, and how he got addicted to helping others win
• The qualities of consistency, persistence and staying focused that have led to Clif’s success
• The importance of being able to bounce back from problems and recover emotionally from set backs
• The one thing Clif wants you to take away from his book Social Marketing
• Why Clif believes who you know gets your foot in the door but what you know keeps you in there
• The reason self-doubt derails most people’s attempt to grow their inner circle and increasing their influence
• The power of staying in shape physically and mentally and how it helps you tackle anxiety and succeed in business
• How to make fear work for you instead of against you, and the importance of getting out there, taking action and getting experience to build your confidence
• Where Clif went in the pre-Facebook days to specifically cultivate relationships
• The mistake most young entreprenuers who are nervous about networking make that will tank your credibility
• How relationships and connections have led to Clif meeting a number of very interesting and influential people
• Why most of those big connections came from only 2-3 degrees of separation, and the reason fame does not equate with influence
• The importance of finding someone who’s good at what you’re not good at and working together

Where to Find Clif:

Find Clif on his personal page on Facebook under Clifton Tyler Braun, and he’s on Instagram and Twitter @clifbraun or go to his website www.clifbraun.com

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