025: Starting Your Day with Coffee and Conversation with Daniel Irmler

Welcome back to Build Your Network with Travis Chappell. The guest today is Daniel Irmler. Dan is the CEO of and Co-Founder of Prochurch.com, a company that specializes in helping non-profits with their media and marketing. With over 10 years of entrepreneurial experience, he’s built a high 6-figure business with a small team in Fresno, California. He’s married, with 3 kids, and enjoys helping other entrepreneurs launch and grow their companies.

Here’s what Travis and Dan discuss in this episode:

  • How Dan got started doing design work on the side in college, and actually started his company in Travis’s Dad’s Garage!
  • Why Dan highly recommends but also advises caution about the subscription model of business
  • The power of being the expert in one specific niche field
  • How systems, great service and getting to the know the client’s needs has been the key to Dan’s success
  • The reason you should let people do what they’re best at and have the right people in the right places like a Henry Ford assembly line
  • Why Dan believes it’s who you know that matters more than what you know
  • How firing an awful client led to a connection that led to finding a co-owner, merging companies and growing the business
  • The 80/20 rule that Dan applies to all networking conversations
  • The power of getting out of your comfort zone, being genuinely curious and getting excited about what other people are excited about
  • The value of getting below the surface with the people you’re connecting with
  • Why Dan recommends you should start your own Facebook group
  • How a connection in a Facebook group made Dan $13K last month
  • The interesting conference networking approach Dan learned from Kenny Jang
  • The coffee and conversation routine with his wife that gets Dan’s day started
  • The importance of self-awareness as an entrepreneur and knowing your strengths and weaknesses

Where to Find Dan:

  • The best place to find him is his Facebook group, Christian Creatives or on
  • Twitter @DanIrmler
  • You can also check out ChristianPix.co

Links and recommended resources:

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