221: Freestyle Friday | BYNU Professor Profile: Dorothy Illson

Dorothy Illson, host of Monday’s BYNU live trainings on advertising talks to your host Travis Chappell about the simple and often ignored principles of advertising and marketing.

Here’s what Travis and Dorothy discuss in this episode:

  • Dorothy and Travis got connected via his interview on the EO Fire Podcast.
  • Dorothy is the owner of Needle’s Eye Media advertising agency.
  • How her practical mindset changed after college because she wasn’t excited.
  • Dorothy is most excited about her Do Well and Do Good podcast right now.
  • Learn about the Do Well and Do Good challenge.
  • Teaching on BYNU is a recognition of how much Dorothy has been helped.
  • The trainings Dorothy has done in BYNU and what’s coming up from customer avatar to empathy map, to mass desire and more.
  • Anyone can jump in and make a Facebook ad, but people waste money because they don’t establish a strategy.

3 Key Points:

  1. Embrace the unconventional, you don’t have to do things a certain way.
  2. When starting a business it’s critical to have people you can really lean on.
  3. Plug into a community like BYNU to take your life to the next level.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “The big hurdle people have to get over is giving themselves permission to go another way.” -Dorothy
  • “Sharing the real fundamentals of marketing and helping people strategize is an opportunity I’m excited about.” -Dorothy
  • “If you’re standing on the sidelines I encourage you to jump in and participate.” -Dorothy

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