037: Flipping Hundreds of Homes before Age 26 with Hither Mann

Today’s guest, Hither Mann, was originally an optician after she left university in 2003. She realized the trappings of a 9-5 job and immediately ventured out into property development, growing a multi-million pound portfolio by the age of 25 using “no money down” strategies. She then ventured into the world of financial trading, learning from one of the best traders in London. Hither now realizes that formal education will never teach you anything about financial freedom and is on a mission to teach others how to trade Forex like she had learned.

Here’s what Travis and Hither discuss in this episode:

  • Why Hither believes that formal education fails teaching someone to really become wealthy
  • Using networking to multiply the return on investment
  • Resourcefulness and problem solving
  • The disconnect by takers in networking
  • The importance of trust in networking
  • Networking vs cold-calling
  • Networking and introversion
  • Know the end goal before you enter an event or conference
  • Constantly raising the bar with mentorship and masterminds
  • The ability to learn to let go and move forward

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