213: Jairek Robbins | How Your Money and Mission Overlap

Jairek Robbins, motivational speaker, life and success business coach/consultant who has spoken and hosted events all over the world. Jairek talks to your host Travis Chappell about how why having nothing is really having everything, how helping people is one of the best motivators of success, and how to provide value as a coach and a teacher.

Here’s what Travis and Jairek discuss in this episode:

  • Jairek’s talks about when he got serious about his goals in high school.
  • Learn how Jairek’s bouts with malaria reset his goals and priorities.
  • Learn how to duplicate the life changes and mindset shifts that Jairek did.
  • You build an amazing life on a stable foundation which is the ability to say three statements with confidence:
    • I’m enough as a human being.
    • I have enough.
    • I’m loved enough.
  • Check in on where you’re at with each statement, negative 10 to positive 10.
  • Learn the physical things you can do to help yourself be healthier and happier.
  • Jairek talks about the key principles from his book Live It!: Achieve Success by Living with Purpose
    • Chapter One defines what your ideal day looks like.
    • Chapters Two – Eleven talk about how to turn that vision into reality.
    • The last chapter talks about turning your ideal life vision into reality.
  • Most of us running businesses are just hoping and praying that the numbers work out, and that’s not business.
  • Jairek had to learn what good business was and had to learn how to read the scoreboard.
  • Because of the internet, everyone can call themselves a coach.
  • People look for love and money when in reality they just don’t love themselves.
  • Do you believe that who you know or what you know is more important, and why?
    • Both, you need both to be successful dependant on the circumstance.

The Random Round:

  • What profession other than your own do you think it would be fun to attempt?
    • Horse rescue, yoga retreat center, foster care center
  • If you could sit on a park bench with anyone for an hour who would it be, and why?
    • His mom and dad
  • How do you like to consume content?
    • Books first, then audio books
  • What’s a book you’d recommend?
    • Book –  The Road Less Stupid by Keith Cunningham
  • Give us a glimpse of your morning routine?
    • Meditation, stretching, gratitude
    • Physical workout
    • Sauna
    • Affirmations/incantations
  • What is something that you are not very good at?
    • Spell checking slides before presentations.
  • What is your go-to pump up song?
    • Musical Scores – The Bumblebee song from the Transformers movie.
  • What is one place where we can find you the most?
    • jairekrobbins.com or on Instagram

3 Key Points:

  1. Being around people who are not like you gives you perspective.
  2. If you can fill yourself up with love every day, you have the capacity to share it.
  3. You need to know what good business looks like and how to read the scoreboard.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “You can travel, get in the car and drive a few blocks and experience new people.” -Jairek
  • “Sometimes it takes everything being burnt to the ground for you to realize what’s really important in life.” -Jairek
  • “Most of us have way more than enough, we just don’t see it that way.” -Jairek

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