040: Being a Catalyst for Courageous Conversations with Jane Blaufus

The guest today is Jane Blaufus, the best-selling author of With The Stroke Of A Pen, Claim Your Life. Her book has become recognized as one of the most comprehensive, actionable, personable and financial planning resources available on the market today. She’s a highly sought-after inspirational keynote speaker, a frequent guest expert on both national TV and radio, and a Huffington Post blogger. Jane is an influential coach to many entrepreneurs and sales professionals, and believes that to excel in today’s marketplace, the key to success is relationship building. She walks the walk and talks the talk. Jane lives in Toronto, Canada, is married to Michael and has a grown up daughter.

Here’s what Travis and Jane discuss in this episode:

  • One thing Jane wants you to take away from her book
  • What Jane asks herself when she isn’t as successful as she’d like
  • The one quality Jane possesses that contributed a lot to her success
  • The importance of being authentic and living your life with integrity
  • Why Jane believes we need both what and who you know
  • The value of being connected with people who will pull you to the next level and help you grow
  • A time in Jane’s life when a connection led to a moment of success
  • How Jane has nurtured her network and her reputation
  • The power of looking at networking strategically
  • The go-to questions Jane always asks when connecting with people
  • The one thing Jane knows about networking
  • Where Jane goes online to specifically cultivate relationships and how she uses social networks to connect
  • How mentorships and masterminds have been critical for Jane’s life and career
  • Why Jane believes in investing in personal and professional development
  • What Jane has done to build her networks to start over in cold markets not once but three times

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