098: Asking and Expecting Nothing with Josh Haynam

On this episode of Build Your Network, Host Travis Chappell interviews Josh Haynam the co-founder of Interact Quiz Builder, used by over 30,000 businesses.

Here’s what Travis and Josh discuss in this episode:

  • About Josh Haynam
    • Started his first company in high school.
    • He started Interact Quiz Builder in college and it’s his first company that’s succeeded.
    • His company is a freemium model with over 50,000 users.
    • He’s most excited about how they get to scale the company.
    • More people are jumping in to using quizzes as a marketing tool.
    • They’ve gone from getting a few clients a week to getting hundreds in a day.
  • What’s been your biggest win so far?
    • Not trying to do everything himself.
    • When he tries to do everything himself he gets stuck.
    • Last year this time, he hired an operations manager.
      • He then began started thinking in more of a strategic capacity.
    • Tell us about a time where you made the wrong decision.
      • He gets sucked into the cycle of wanting to sell the product.
      • It’s a waste of time to get people on the phone and explain the product, there’s no reason to go directly to the end-user.
      • Failure should be normalized because everyone experiences it.
    • What are you looking to do right now in the business?
      • The vision for 2018 is to figure out how to remove as many roadblocks as possible.
        • Things that hold their customers back from being successful in the program.
        • Ease-of-integration into other systems.
      • How easy can we make it to get this whole system set up?
    • Do you believe that what you know or who you know is more important, and why?
      • They’re both important, but at different times.
      • You have to have both tools and know when to use each one.
    • Tell us about a time in your life when a connection led to a moment of success?
      • Using influencers to promote their brand has been huge.
      • One of the first influencers was Marie Forleo.
        • They used this as a jumping-off point to get in front of many other people.
      • How crucial was this connection to the growth you’ve seen?
        • Pretty crucial, there’s a distinct uptick in growth since then.
      • Why do you think that so many people neglect to network, though it’s extremely crucial?
        • It’s a real thing and people are used to getting rejected when they ask for things.
        • There are a lot of reasons why fear develops, but people just fear rejection and are afraid to hear a “no.”
      • What is a tip you have for people to overcome the fear of rejection?
        • Only reach out it:
          • You have something of value and expect nothing in return.
          • Ask for advice and expect nothing in return.
        • Josh does both of these things.
          • He always leads by asking for advice.
        • When you reach out cold, what does the body of your email look like?
          • He sent the founder of Wikipedia a cold email.
            • His subject was “Advice on Writing?”
            • The body asked him if he could respond to questions via email or jump on a quick call.
            • He responded via email immediately.
          • You have no idea if someone will reach back out, so you’ve just gotta do it.
        • One piece of advice to becoming a better relationship builder:
          • Drop your ego.
          • If you go into things acting or thinking that you deserve something, people can tell.
          • He doesn’t mean positioning yourself as a fan, that doesn’t work either.
          • Be genuinely interested in what the person has to say.
            • He met the CEO of Whole Foods and experienced him genuinely asking questions about his small software company about nutrition.
          • Don’t interrupt, listen.
        • What’s your best practical tip to leave a conversation you no longer want to be a part of?
          • If the person is totally rational, it’s just not a good fit – he’ll just say that.
            • Hey, I don’t think it’s a good mutual fit here, but here’s my contact info and it was awesome to meet you.
          • If the person is not rational, you have to kind of treat it like a bull in a ring.
            • Run them around in circles until you tire them out.
            • Don’t prolong things and make it worse, just be kind and stay the course until it’s over.

The Random Round:

    • What profession other than your own do you think it would be fun to attempt?
      • Personal Trainer
    • If you could sit on a park bench with anyone for an hour who would it be, and why?
      • Malala Yousafzai
    • How do you like to consume content best, books, blogs, podcasts, or videos?
      • Books, only written paper books.
    • What is one of your most favourite books that you’ve read recently?
      • Every Good Endeavor
    • Give us a glimpse of your morning routine
      • Up at 5 am
      • Overnight oats for breakfast and coffee
      • Rest for 30 min
      • Hit the gym, run and do weights
      • Shower and get to work
    • What is your go-to pump up song?
      • History by Jay-Z
    • What are you not very good at?
      • Skiing
    • What is one place where we can find you online?
      • LinkedIn – Josh Haynam
      • Tryinteract.com

Tweetable Quotes:

  • When you try to do everything yourself, you get stuck.
  • Only reach out if you have something of value or are looking for advice and expect nothing in return.
  • Drop your ego at the door and go in with an open mind.

Resources Mentioned:

Buildyournetwork.com– Podcast website

BYN.media/fb – Facebook Group

Tryinteract.com – Josh’s site

The Four-Hour Work Week – Book by Tim Ferriss

Every Good Endeavor – Book by Timothy Keller

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