110: Connecting Celebrities and Entrepreneurs with Ken Shamrock

On this episode of Build Your Network, Host Travis Chappell interviews Ken Shamrock, the World’s Most Dangerous Man, a world-recognized MMA fighter.

Here’s what Travis and Ken discuss in this episode:

  • About Ken Shamrock
    • Wrestled in the WWF.
    • Founder of the Lion’s Den, a renowned fighting school.
    • He’s a businessman and international figure.
    • Founder of Lion’s Den ministries.
    • He’s an author of two books and has appeared in a few movies.
    • He matches up celebrities with hotshot entrepreneurs.
    • They set up strategic partnerships through entrepreneurs.
    • He has another thing called pocket shot, a pocket slingshot.
    • Looking to start a reality show about the world’s most dangerous fighters.
  • Tell us about what happened when you were a child to make you who you are today?
    • He’s always been a fighter.
    • When he was five years old he was jumped in the bathroom.
      • This solidified that he was a fighter.
    • What was the environment you grew up in?
      • His biological mother and father separated.
      • They were left home a lot, sometimes with no food.
      • They were in the ghetto and only had one bed to sleep in.
      • It’s interesting to see the power of human beings when they’re in adversity.
    • When he was 6-7 they moved
      • By the time he was 10, he had been put into a juvenile.
      • He ended up in the Shamrock boy’s home, that’s where he started finding an opportunity to change his life.
        • Bob Shamrock notices his violence early and channeled his energy through sports.
      • At what point did you realize you wanted to pursue fighting professionally?
        • He did wrestling in college and then saw a video of early MMA fighting.
        • He decided he wanted to do this.
        • A few months later he was in the ring in front of 17,000 people and won his first fight.
      • Did you have any formal fight training?
        • He did street fighting since the time he was five years old.
          • He was very aware of how to fight and he had athletic ability.
        • He was strong and able to manhandle and muscle his opponent.
        • Because of his emotions and desire to win, it showed when he was fighting.
      • When UFC first started, what types of venues were hosting?
        • After the first couple of shows, they were starting to fill the arena.
      • Where along the timeline did you do some WWF fighting?
        • In the late 90’s, he was there for a little less than three years.
        • How was it going from UFC over to WWF?
          • It goes against the grain from everything you understand, it’s a difficult transition.
          • It was about putting on a good show.
        • How did your relationship with Des Woodruff come about?
          • He was traveling and doing a lot of ministries and meet and greets.
          • He started to panic and think he couldn’t keep doing what he was doing.
          • He needed to learn how to leverage what he had already built to start making money.
          • He went on a ministry trip and got picked up by Des, he had volunteered to drive him around.
          • Des helped him give his business a direction, work on his website, and create residual income.
        • Do you believe that what you know or who you know is more important and why?
          • The situation weighs heavily on that decision.
          • If you know everybody but you don’t have anything, what does it matter?
          • Who you know in the right situation is powerful.
        • Are you spending more time on relationships now, or still skillsets?
          • Right now, he’s focusing on who you know.
          • He and Des have good knowledge of business and marketing together.

The Random Round:

      • What profession other than your own do you think it would be fun to attempt?
        • Golf
      • If you could sit on a park bench with anyone for an hour who would it be, and why?
        • Abraham Lincoln
      • How do you like to consume content best, books, blogs, podcasts, or videos?
        • Videos
      • Give us a glimpse of your morning routine
        • Wake up and get coffee
        • Sits down on the couch with the wife
        • Eat breakfast
        • Go to gym
        • Get to work
      • What is your go-to pump up song?
        • Loves all music, there’s no one song.
        • Usually soundtracks
      • What are you not very good at?
        • Algebra and any math harder than that.
      • What is one place where we can find you online?
        • Twitter, Instagram, social media
        • Twitter handle: @shamrockken

Tweetable Quotes:

  • It’s interesting to see the power of human beings when they’re in adversity.
  • Because of my emotions and desire to win, it showed when I was fighting.
  • If you know everybody but you don’t have anything, what does it matter?

Resources Mentioned:

Buildyournetwork.com– Podcast website

BYN.media/fb – Facebook Group

CE3.co – Ken’s website

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