046: Educator to Entrepreneur with Laura Petersen

On this episode of Build Your Network, Host Travis Chappell interviews Laura Peterson, partner at Accelerant Media and creator of Copy that Pops. Chapel and Peterson discuss how Laura became a successful entrepreneur and her networking tips.

Here’s what Travis and Laura discuss in this episode:

  • Laura was a teacher turned entrepreneur.
  • In her early 20’s she studied abroad in Germany for a year.
  • Got a master’s degree in education and taught high school math and psychology.
  • Started a tutoring and test prep company called Student Tutor.
  • Got into podcasting around 2014 because she loved Tim Faris and the four hour work week.
  • Her friend Dominic Sirianni started a podcast as a side-gig, he asked Laura listen to his audio and write show notes and market.
    • They realized they had a great business opportunity to help others.
    • Grew through their network and word of mouth.
    • Helped others start from absolute zero to create content to promote their shows and grow them.
    • She decided that she wanted to show her own show to know the whole process.
    • She loves the power of the networking she gets with the guests who come on her show.
  • Copy That Pops helps people become best-selling authors.
  • Laura is a best-selling author:
    • Wrote a book based on a conversation with someone in a mastermind accelerator.
    • Wrote her book in 30 days, self-published and became an Amazon #1 bestseller.
    • Started promoting her book and doing additional promotional podcasts.
  • What is more important according to Laura: what you know or who you know?
    • Ultimately, both things are important.
    • If you don’t follow the “who you know,” you can only get so far with the what you know.
    • She went to a meet-up and met the founders of Podcast Movement
      • She reached out and kept engaging.
      • Asked him to contribute to her book.
      • She participated in the Podcast Cruise.
        • She got asked to speak and present on the cruise.
      • Going to one meet-up where she didn’t know anybody led to two speaking engagements and an influencer being published in her book.
    • Why do so many people fail at building their network?
      • We are adverse to pain, embarrassment, and awkwardness.
      • Some people wouldn’t go to something unless they have a friend with them.
        • This can be the worst thing you could do because you don’t branch out.
      • Look at building your network as a fun game and reframe it.
        • It will get easier and open you up to opportunity and possibility.
      • Don’t let your pain and awkwardness hold you back.
    • One tip to help you network the best:
      • Take stock of who is around you all the time.
      • People rub off on us, and we emulate them more than we think we do.
      • Take an analysis of whose words you’re listening to.
      • Reduce the time you’re spending with negative people who don’t understand your goals.
    • How important have mentorships been for Laura?
      • She doesn’t have many mentors, per se.
      • She loves Gary Vaynerchuck and takes his words to heart, and they influence her.
      • People who are a few steps ahead of you are great mentors.
    • The way that you meet somebody sets the tone for your relationship.
      • If you meet someone who is a speaker and you’re not, you’re instantly in a lower position than they are.
      • If you meet someone at a casual meetup, you become friends and peers, even if they’re way ahead of you.
      • Build real friendships and relationships.
    • Laura’s follow-up process
      • She carries a little notebook around with her during networking events to write pieces of advice down.
        • You can’t keep everything straight during a networking event.
        • She would take someone’s business card next to her notes from what they talked about
          • Followed-up based on her notes.
        • Connects with people on Facebook right away if they’re comfortable with that.
          • Engage with some of their posts to stay visible.
        • Random round questions:
          • What profession other than your own do you think it would be fun to attempt?
            • Photography for real-estate agents.
          • If you could sit on a park bench with someone past or present who would it be?
            • Gary Vaynerchuk
            • NielDegrasse Tyson – astrophysicist. She’s appreciative of what he’s done for science.
          • How do you like to learn best? Books, blogs or podcasts?
            • All of them!
            • Favorite book: 4 Hour Work Week
            • Favorite podcast: Gary V Audio Experience
            • Favorite Blog: Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income
          • Morning Routine
            • Walks her dog to a local coffee shop.
            • Walk to the bay and sit in the sand and play with the dog.
            • Think of work ideas and clear her head.
            • Goes home and gets working.
          • Go-to pump up song.
            • Vi Vila Vida – Marc Antony
          • What are you not very good at?
            • Sales – starts getting nervous about it.
            • Not good with car repair.
          • What is one place we can find Laura the most:

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Reduce the time you’re spending with negative people who don’t understand your goals.”
  • “People rub off on us, and we emulate them more than we think we do.”

Resources Mentioned:

Buildyournetwork.com– Podcast website

Copythatpops.com – Laura’s website

Rich Dad, Poor Dad– One of Laura’s favorite books

Accelerant Media – Laura is a partner here

Student Tutor –Laura’s first business venture

The Four Hour Work Week – One of Laura’s favorite books

I am a Leader Podcast – Laura’s first podcast venture with Dominic Sirianni

Podcast Movement – Podcasting Conference

Gary Vaynerchuk – One of Laura’s influencers


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