202: Masterminds and Mentorship Part 1 with Amy Porterfield, Cole Hatter, and Ryan Stewman

Cole Hatter from Thrive, Amy Porterfield from the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast, and Ryan Stewman best-selling author of Elevator to the top provide their Top networking tips to help you make your money matter, build quality relationships with quality people, and help you get to the top.

Here’s what Travis, Cole, Amy, and Ryan discuss in this episode:

  • Networking Tips from Cole Hatter
    • How have masterminds and mentorships helped you succeed?
      • He spends $45,000 a year on masterminds strictly to build relationships.
      • Lead with service, don’t lead with an agenda.
  • Networking Tips from Amy Porterfield
    • Amy shares the story of when she joined Marie Forleo’s mastermind.
    • When you pay, you pay attention.
  • Networking Tips from Ryan Stewman
    • Ryan has invested around $250,000 in personal development over the years.
    • The three things you need to do for seven days to network on social media.
    • In the beginning, it can take a long time to build goodwill with people.

3 Key Points:

  1. Masterminds are first and foremost for building relationships.
  2. Join a mastermind even if it’s a stretch for you.
  3. Provide value to others and they will ultimately provide value to you.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “The comradery, relationships, and network-building can’t be done any other way than masterminds.” -Cole
  • “For masterminds, one – you pay in installments to make it easier for you, two – you stretch yourself.” -Amy
  • “If you want good referrals, you need to be a good referee.” -Ryan

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