205: Masterminds and Mentorship Part 2 with Grant Cardone, Chris Harder, and Bedros Keuilian

Have you considered doing a Mastermind? I am here to tell you that it is worth the investment. It has given me a valuable relationship with many people who are doing great things. Today, we sit down to talk to Grant Cardone, Chris Harder, and Bedros Keuilian ultra-successful men who share their experience in Masterminds.

Here’s what Travis, Grant, Chris, and Bedros discuss in this episode:

  • The benefits of Masterminds and why you do them
  • Introduction of guests
    • Grant Cardone master of sales and marketing and NYT bestselling author
    • Chris Harder podcast host and owner of two 7 figure businesses
    • Bedros Keuilian Author and owner of Full Body Boot camp
  • How Travis´s podcast has driven the success of his network
  • The importance of investing in mentorships and learning
  • Why finding the right mentor is a process. The key is not to quit
  • 20 people are the right mastermind size
  • How you can grow profitably

3 key Points:

  1. Building your business is about who you know not about what you know.
  2. Mentorships are an extremely beneficial piece when you are building your own network.
  3. Finding the right mentor and your right niche is a process. The key is to keep going and keep trying new things.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • The first self-improvement course we took that took too long to fail was school.” – Grant
  • “Don´t quit no matter what.” – Grant
  • “When I can not let the bad stuff get me so low, then I am the one out in front of the race while others are wallowing in the bad stuff.” – Chris
  • “Take a little bit of money from a lot of people.” -Bedros

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