21: The Difference Between Networking and Friendships with Melissa Smith

Welcome back to Build Your Network with Travis Chappell. The guest today is Melissa Smith. Melissa is the CEO of The PVA, a virtual assistant staffing and consultancy company. In 2016 she became the best-selling author of Hire The Right Virtual Assistant: how the right VA will make your life easier, create time and make you more money. Most recently she created the Admin to VA Summit where she interviews top business experts and The Essential Business Model for VAs online course, to teach others how to become virtual assistant business owners. Melissa has been quoted in various publications and online resources including Women’s World, Career Builder and Weebly.

Here’s what Travis and Melissa discuss in this episode:

  • How Melissa transitioned from Executive Assistant to Virtual Assistant, and ultimately to starting her own business
  • The importance of networking in Melissa’s journey, and how it was through networking that she ended up starting her VA matching business
  • The one lesson from Melissa’s book she wants you to take away so that you can be successful in life and business
  • The two principles and rigorous interview process Melissa uses to match potential clients and VAs to ensure they’re a right fit
  • Why Melissa believes you will always be limited in what you know, and how who you know can help you overcome that limitation
  • The different between networking and friendships that Melissa believes is the reason people make mistakes in growing their influence and inner circles
  • A simple but powerful tip for giving back and adding value in any group you’re in
  • Why quality of the people involved has more to do with the size, location or price point of the group
  • The importance of being genuine and committed in order to be successful in networking groups and in building authentic connections
  • Melissa’s morning routine that helps her get her day in order and take care of her own work first before being bombarded by client work

Where to Find Melissa:

The best place to connect is on LinkedIn

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