031: False Security with Internet Connections with Mike Macedonio

Welcome back to Build Your Network with Travis Chappell. The guest today is Mike Macedonio. He is the cofounder of Acentiv, formerly known as The Referral Institute. By using the referral strategies that he teaches, Mike has built his company from a small training and consulting company to a franchised organization with over 60 locations in 20 different countries. He lives in Northern California with his wife, has two grown up sons and in his free time, is a passionate cyclist.

Here’s what Travis and Mike discuss on this episode:

  • What Assentive does and how they help small business owners have a life outside of their business
  • The two qualities and one mistake in thinking that helped Mike achieve the pinnacle of mediocrity
  • What was missing in his repertoire of skills that has led to his current day success
  • The power of great mentorship in Mike’s journey from small business owner to having a company with franchises all over the world
  • The importance of going after great people and of making sure they have the time help you expand in a high quality way
  • Why Mike believes it’s not just who you know but how well you know each other that really counts in life
  • How connections helped Mike go from joining a BNI chapter to co-authoring books with Ivan Misner, the founder of BNI
  • The false sense of connection the internet creates with its high-tech, low-touch networking, and why it’s a mistake to rely solely on that
  • The problem with networking laterally and why it’s important to get outside your comfort zone and create better, more diverse connections
  • The difference between introverts and extroverts and how understanding this has helped Mike network more effectively
  • The simple but powerful question Mike asks at networking that helps him find ways to give back to people
  • What the most productive networking event of the year is for Mike
  • How mentorships, particularly that of Ivan Misner, has been the most crucial aspect of business success for Mike
  • The power of patience in developing a solid, deep personal network

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