056: Being in Business with Your Life Partner with Nicole Baldinu

On this episode of Build Your Network, Host Travis Chappell interviews Nicole Baldinu co-founder of Webinar Ninja and the producer of the 100 Dollar MBA Show.

Here’s what Travis and Nicole discuss in this episode:

  • About Nicole Baldinu
    • Was a teacher before she became an entrepreneur.
      • She gave up teaching after 12 years and decided to go to New York Film Academy and Study film.
      • She freelanced as a videographer in New York.
      • Teamed up with Omar to build the 100 Dollar MBA and then Webinar Ninja.
      • Has recorded over 1,000 podcasts.
    • What inspired Webinar Ninja?
      • They didn’t set out to create the platform.
      • They were working on the 100 Dollar MBA and working in Google Hangouts and email marketing.
      • Because of this, he put together his own WordPress program to solve his own problem.
      • They found that this was a real pain point and wanted to help others use webinars as a great tool.
      • This last September they’ve released version 5 of the platform.
      • They pre-sold twice and sold out both times.
    • How difficult was it to go from owning a content creation business to a SaaS business?
      • It was very difficult, but exciting and rewarding at the same time.
      • With software, as soon as they started to build the team, they had to relinquish control and be patient.
      • There were a lot of unknowns with software development and coding.
      • You have to bring everybody on board with your mission.
    • How is it balancing both businesses?
      • At the beginning, Omar and Nicole did everything themselves. As the businesses grew, they had to grow too.
        • Nicole used to edit all the podcasts.
      • They had to figure out what they could delegate and what they needed to hire for.
    • Do you believe that what you know or who you know is more important and why?
      • They’re both important. If you can’t be helpful and be a go-to person for something, it can be a problem in networking.
      • You don’t live in isolation, so you need good people around you.
    • Tell us about a time where a connection in your life led to a moment of success.
      • She met Kate Ericson in San Diego and that influenced her.
        • She really respected her when she first met her.
        • Her friendship with Kate has evolved.
        • Her experiences have been similar, and they can help each other understand what’s going on.
      • Why do so many people fail to network?
        • Could be fear, maybe they don’t value networking, they have a bit of pride.
        • Lack of awareness, not understanding how important networking is.
      • Are you naturally introverted or extroverted?
        • Naturally extroverted – as a teacher it came naturally.
        • How do extroverts make it about everybody else instead of themselves?
        • Book: How to Win Friends and Influence People
        • Genuine care and interest in people comes from asking questions and being genuine.
      • What’s your number one networking tip?
        • The ability to see another person’s perspective and world view is the most important thing.
          • It allows you to be more tolerant and takes your filter off.
        • Throughout your career, how important have mentorships and masterminds been?
          • She put together a mastermind this year with two other women in the same situation, working with their spouses.
        • How do Nicole and her husband balance work and life?
          • She doesn’t feel like she needs to relax, and she tends to go, go, go all day and night.
          • In a day, she gets a lot done and has to learn to stop sometimes.
          • They do their chores together on weekends, but put everything into the calendar.
          • Every year they have a retreat where they do shut off for a week.
            • They get away, set their goals for the year and review the last years goals.
          • You have to be self-aware and find what works for you.
        • The Random Round
          • What profession other than your own do you think it would be fun to attempt?
            • A flamenco dancer
          • If you could sit on a park bench for any hour with anyone past or present, who would it be?
            • Sarah Blakely, founder of Spanx
          • How do you like to learn best, books, blogs, podcasts or video?
            • Blogs, but more than that, classroom.
          • Favorite blog?
            • A flamenco blog.
          • Give us a glimpse of your morning routine:
            • Feed the kitty
            • Feed herself
            • Jumps into the basecamp to talk to the team or talk to the customer service manager.
          • What is your go-to pump up song:
            • Top of the World by Mike Posner
          • What are you not very good at?
            • Deep work, she likes to focus for short bursts.
          • Can find her on Twitter @nicole_baldinu

Resources Mentioned:

Buildyournetwork.com – Podcast website

Webinar Ninja – Nicole’s webinar software company

100 Dollar MBA – Nicole’s other company with her husband

Book – How to Win Friends and Influence People

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