038: The Common Mistake When Connecting with Influencers with Nicole Holland

The guest today is Nicole Holland. Nicole is a podcaster, master coach and marketing strategist all rolled up into one purple-haired powerhouse. She’s known as a secret weapon that smart CEOs and small business owners turn to, to grow their businesses exponentially through podcast guesting. Proud to have been named in the Huffington Post as one of 50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017 alongside female business leaders like Marie Forleo, Danielle La Porte, Amy Porterfield and Dorie Clark, Nicole is all about recognizing and empowering today’s emerging leaders to get known now through podcast guesting.

Here’s what Travis and Nicole discuss in this episode:

  • How podcasting has helped Nicole push her business forward
  • What Nicole was doing before her podcast guesting business
  • The way Nicole’s background and strengths have combined into how she works with people today
  • Why Nicole believes success isn’t about who you know or what you know, and what she focuses on instead
  • A time in Nicole’s life that a connection led to a moment of success
  • The difference between being persistent and being a nag when it comes to connecting with influencers
  • What Nicole did to get John Corcoran and many other influencers on her Summit
  • The importance of investing in yourself and what that really means
  • The one common mistake Nicole sees people make when trying to connect with an influencer
  • The potential for mutually beneficial relationships when you invest in a paid mentorship or program
  • The power of sincere, valuable conversation in Facebook groups
  • Why Nicole doesn’t schedule calls before noon

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