042: Networking in Facebook Groups with Rob Sperry

The guest today is Rob Sperry. Rob has been recognized by top publication Business for Home as the number 1 trainer for 2017 in the Network Marketing Industry. His first year in the industry he reached the highest level in a multi-billion dollar company. Conquering new heights, Sperry became the co-creator of Mint. Mint was a spin-off from a 3 billion dollar company and launched with a million dollars in sales in just the first month. After the success of Mint, Sperry has been a consultant to many different network marketing companies. Due to his expertise he has been featured in national and international books, podcasts, blogs, articles and magazines specific to finding success in the network marketing industry. Rob also just recently authored the book The Game of Networking. He lives with his wife of 14 years and 4 wonderful children.

Here’s what Travis and Rob discuss in this episode:

  • What Rob wanted to do with his life before getting into network marketing
  • How a mentor got him started on this path to network marketing success
  • The huge mistake Rob made early on and the lesson he learned from it
  • Rob’s advice about failure and what he says when people ask how he had success
  • The problem with focusing on the highlight reel dream instead of the practical process
  • The most important thing Rob wants you to take away from his book
  • Why Rob believes that to be successful you need a combination of who you know, what you know, who they know and who knows you
  • The connections in Rob’s life that led to moments of success in business, his house, his car and more
  • Practical tips to be more of a giver than a matcher or a taker
  • The power of paid mentorships and masterminds to help step up your game
  • The difference between doing what you like and what you love
  • Rob’s tips for networking online and in Facebook groups
  • The motto Rob lives by and how you can apply it too

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