209: Freestyle Friday | BYNU Professor Profile: Steve Arneson

Steve Arneson speaks with Travis Chappell about his real estate acquisition and education company. Steve is one of the teachers in Build Your Network University providing free value to listeners and members of the group.

Here’s what Travis and Steve discuss in this episode:

  • Steve is a full-time real estate investor with his partner Randy Molland.
    • They do real estate acquisition as well as an education platform to help people build their own portfolio.
  • When he and his business partner hosted a meetup, that pushed them to be the experts.
  • Their mission statement is to inspire a million people to become more educated and invested in real estate to live a better life.
  • Steve talks about the networking event where he and Travis got connected.
  • What Steve’s most excited about in 2019 in terms of business and the personal side.
  • Value is what inspired Steve to add value in Build Your Network University.
  • Steve talks about his segment on Build Your Network University.
  • Connect on Instagram @thereinvestors or with Steve personally at @beach_beers

3 Key Points:

  1. Push yourself to be an expert in your area.
  2. Real estate is the real way to make and grow money.
  3. Catch the BYN University training live before they are deleted.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “You build long-term wealth via real estate.” – Steve
  • “Your knowledge and your time is worth more than other people’s money.” – Steve
  • “Give and get as much value as you can, that’s how you build your network the right way.” -Travis

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