143: Building Up Better Businesses with Steven Eugene Kuhn

On this episode of Build Your Network, Host Travis Chappell interviews Steven Eugene Kuhn, a decorated combat veteran who is now transforming struggling businesses into successful endeavors around the United States and Europe.

Here’s what Travis and Steven discuss in this episode:

  • About Steven Eugene Kuhn

○ Steven and his two partners came up with The $1 Million Challenge in the Next 90 Days: helping 15 businesses that generate at least $50,000 in revenue per month get up to $1 million in three months.

○ Successful business consultant.

○ He was a bodyguard for Mick Jagger, helped Olivia Newton-John to find business opportunities, and Parliament members.

○ Joined the Army in 1986, fought in the Iraq War, and was once homeless.

○ Steven has been in Budapest for the last nine years and married with two children.

  • Talk about your experience at the monastery.

○ Steve stayed at a monastery for six months.

○ Went three weeks without speaking.

○ The picture one has of their self is typically not true.

○ Went into a wooden hut in the mountains, didn’t have a cellphone, laptop, or outside communication.

  • Steven on Leadership

○ The Six Human Needs: certainly, variety, significance, love & connection, growth, and contribution.

○ Credo moments were shared with Steve’s team to develop an internal spiritual bond amongst them all.

○ Applied knowledge is more important than just knowing that only lives in your head.

○ If Steven can’t help an associate, he tries to find someone who can help them.

  • What is more important: who you know or what you know?

○ Even the “what” comes from the “who.”

○ Steven went to the Baby Bathwater Institution event with high-end successful entrepreneurs that people have to be interviewed for.

  • Steven sees opportunities where others don’t.

○ Steven became Mick Jagger’s bodyguard in the past by hearing that he was coming to Berlin, where he was living and introduced himself.

○ Seeing opportunity is one step, the next is ceasing opportunity.

○ In the absence of clarity, take action.

○ When you train your natural initiation, it becomes a value catalyst.

○ Live in the moment.

The Random Round:

  • What profession other than your own do you think it would be fun to attempt?

○ Formula One race car driving.

  • If you could sit on a park bench with someone, past or present, who would it be and why?

○ Abraham Lincoln.

  • How do you like to consume content? Books? Audio Books? Blogs? Podcasts? Videos?

○ All of the above.

  • What is one of those things that you would recommend to the audience?

○ The books The Richest Man in Babylon” and “Marcus Aurelius Meditations.”

  •  Give us a glimpse of your morning routine?

○ Waking up early, meditation, journaling, reading, time with his wife and children, and then going to work out.

  • What is your go-to pump up song?

○  Songs by U2 and Gordon Lightfoot.

  • What is something that you are just not very good at?

○ IT, online things, and click funnels.

  • What is one place online where we will find you the most?

○ Facebook at his professional page: StevenKuhnOfficial.

Tweetable Quotes:

  •  “We came up with a challenge. It’s the One Million Dollar Challenge in the Next 90 Days. We want to help 15 business owners generate $1 million additional revenue in the next 90 days.” – Steven Eugene Kuhn.
  • “Words are so valuable, and that what we say is so valuable and so permanent that I chose to say only that what is important, or that which matters.” – Steven Eugene Kuhn.
  • “Providership is the new leadership.” – Steven Eugene Kuhn.

Resources Mentioned:

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Twitter – Steven Eugene Kuhn’s Twitter

StevenEugeneKuhn.com – Website for Steven Eugene Kuhn

Steven Kuhn Official – Facebook for Steven Eugene Kuhn



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