041: Combining Chance Encounters with Good Work for Networking Success with Tamsen Webster

The guest today is Tamsen Webster. Tamsen is an acclaimed keynote speaker, idea whisperer and message strategist. She combined 20 years of marketing with 13 years as a Weight Watchers leader to help people and organizations like Verizon, State Street Bank, Johnson & Johnson and Disney find the through-line of their work and ideas. She is the executive producer of the oldest and one of the largest locally organized TED Talk events in the world, and an in demand consultant on finding the ideas that move people to action. She lives in Boston with her husband and sons, who challenge everything she thinks she knows about communication.

Here’s what Travis and Tamsen discuss in this episode:

  • What Tamsen loves about her work and the organizations she’s worked for
  • The value of stretching beyond the comfort zone and learning something new
  • The real key to understanding company culture
  • The importance of clarity around who the company serves
  • Why Tamsen believes what you know is more important than who you know
  • How a chance/random encounters plus good work lead to an incredible network
  • The need to balance recognizing opportunity with doing good work
  • Tamsen’s number 1 networking tip
  • Where she goes to specifically cultivate relationships
  • The practical way Tamsen adds more value to her circles than she receives
  • The questions she asks when connecting with others to build an effective network
  • How an unexpected chain of connections helped Tamsin meet Nilofer Merchant
  • Why research would be Tamsin’s first step to rebuilding her network
  • A glimpse of Tamsen’s morning routine

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