187: Top Networking Tips Part 13 with Albert Preciado, Edwin Arroyave, and Kerri Kasem

Top Networking Tips #13 featuring Albert Preciado of The Mortgage Guys, Edwin Ariave from Skyline Security and Kerri Kasem daughter of Casey Kasem. These three guests provide their top networking tips to teach you how to build wealth and relationships, build your people skills and blow up your networking.

Here’s what Travis, Albert, Edwin, and Kerri discuss in this episode:

  • Networking Tips from Albert Preciado
    • You can’t know anything and expect something to happen, you have to put in the work.
    • Focus on building yourself first so you can have the chance to get in front of your mentors.
    • He chooses mentors in areas he knows he needs to improve.
  • Networking Tips from Edwin Ariave
    • Who you know is important and you have to hang out with people who are doing better than you.
    • You need to have a why and if you have that the what will come naturally.
    • If he’s not accomplishing something, he gets depressed.
  • Networking Tips from Kerri Kasem
    • Kerri tells the story of getting to work for the UFC.
      • Within a year she had the job she wanted through her persistence and networking techniques.
    • Her dad always told her she could do anything and she learned a lot from him.
    • Kerri talks about handling “no’s” from someone you respect vs. anyone else.
    • Connections are the main reason why Kerri has experiences success.
    • If you had to boil it down to one tip, what would that be?
      • Do the opposite of what fear tells you to do.

3 Key Points:

  1. You have to earn your connections by learning and improving.
  2. You need to have a why.
  3. Persistence is extremely important.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I believe in having very few mentors.” – Albert
  • “Money attracts money, and if you have integrity people will want to do business with you.” – Edwin
  • “If someone tells you no, it’s just another wall you have to get through.” – Kerri

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