196: Top Networking Tips Part 16 with Brad Lea, Lori Harder, and Caleb Maddix

Brad Lea, Founder, and CEO of Lightspeed VT, Lori Harder, fitness and lifestyle entrepreneur, and Caleb Maddox, a sixteen-year-old millionaire speaker, and author. Learn how to provide value, grow your tribe and do it the right way.

Here’s what Travis, Brea, Lori, and Caleb discuss in this episode:

  • Networking Tips from Brad Lea
    • Brad talks about his relationship with Grant Cardone.
    • Money is worthless if you can’t spend it.
    • Often, people neglect their network because they haven’t found the right “who.”
  • Networking Tips from Caleb Maddox
    • One of the most powerful things you can do is associate with celebrities and influencers.
    • When you’re trying to end a conversation, tell the truth and let them know you appreciated it but you need to go.
    • Always approach with confidence and authenticity.
    • People can sense when you’re really interested in them.
  • Networking Tips from Lori Harder
    • Who you know is most important, because they can help you meet your goals.

3 Key Points:

  1. It’s not about what it costs to connect with someone, it’s about getting the edge.
  2. For billionaires, it’s all about energy and being around people who enhance it.
  3. Who you know will connect you to where you want to go.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Get your what down so that when the who’s come around you’re valuable to them.” -Brad
  • “There is not a billionaire on the planet that did it by themselves.” – Brad
  • “You can learn a lot by what people don’t say vs. what they say.” – Caleb

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