166: Top Networking Tips Part 6 from Steve Sims and Elena Cardone

On this episode of Build Your Network, you’ll hear top networking tips from two high-profile guests – Steve Sims, and Elena Cardone.

Here’s what Travis, Steve and Elena discuss in this episode:

  • Tip 1: Steve Sims
    • Author of BlueFish and the Art of Making Things Happen
    • Tell us a story about a time a connection opened a door for you.
      • He had a client who wanted an exclusive dinner party in Tuscany.
      • They took over the Academia and had a dinner party at the feet of Michael Angelo’s David.
      • He wanted to get Andrea Bocelli to sing at the party and when he got ahold of his agent, things weren’t going anywhere.
      • He called up the Vatican and asked for a contact with Andrea Bocelli, she did, and he was able to book him.
    • Talk about creating win-win situations and strategies that help.
      • People are concentrating on why it shouldn’t happen, rather than why it should.
        • Position your ask.
        • Tell people why you want something from them, but then quickly tell them why it benefits them.
        • Get people engaged in the conversation.
      • Do you have any tips for getting past the gatekeepers?
        • Having a conversation with a gatekeeper is pointless.
        • First, you need to research and be focused on who you want to contact.
          • Get in the same room with this person.
          • Charities will work harder for you to make an introduction.
        • Get people talking about what they love.
      • Who do you think is the most interesting or influential person you’ve been able to meet?
        • Interesting: John Paul DeJoria
          • He’s a top entrepreneur you should look into further.
        • Influential: Elon Musk
          • He’s a doer, he’s not a who-er.
        • What’s the first place you should start to get into better rooms.
          • Be the person that someone wants to meet.
          • Start going to networking events, do the little ones first.
          • Question and challenge people.
          • Then get into a better room of entrepreneurs, you’re going to have to pay.
        • Tip 2: Elena Cardone
          • Host of the G&E Show.
          • How did building relationships help you in your acting career?
            • She was lucky early on and was able to get the top agencies and managers early on.
            • Relationships are very important, it’s a small world and everyone talks.
          • Tell us about a time when a connection led to a big moment of success.
            • She was friends with a casting director and after an audition.
            • She called the casting director and got a role in the film, and it led to Maxim Magazine.
            • You help your friends, and your friends help you.
          • How do you deal with people who have a hidden agenda?
            • She doesn’t mind hidden agendas.
            • If someone comes to Elena to get to Grant, she thinks that’s smart.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • Getting your foot in the door is easy, getting people engaged is the secret sauce.
  • I have bumped into hundreds of people through careful planning.
  • People want dependability, not drama.

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