175: Top Networking Tips Part 9 with Jill Stanton and Chris Winfield

On this episode of Build Your Network, you’ll hear top networking tips from two high-profile guests – Jill Stanton, founder of Screw the Nine to Five, and Chris Winfield the Super Connector.

Here’s what Travis, Jill, and Chris discuss in this episode:

  • Tip 1: Jill Stanton – Creator and host of Screw the Nine to Five
    • A three-way tie between James Wedmore, Amy Porterfield, and John Lee Dumas.
      • All three of them are super switched on and intentional.
    • How far behind would you be without strategic relationships?
      • At least a few years.
      • She’s learned how to manage people and set boundaries and be organized.
    • Why do so many people neglect to network?
      • People don’t neglect to do it, they do it wrong.
      • Generally, people go into relationships hoping to get something, not to add value.
    • Do people view relationships as too short-term?
      • Yes, they need to play the long game.
      • People want to know how relationships will benefit them right now.
    • Boil it down to one actionable networking tip.
      • Chill out, and ask normal people questions.
      • No one wants to have their brain picked nonstop.
    • Do you have questions you ask or do you let things flow naturally?
      • She lets things flow naturally and waits for someone to introduce her.
      • If that doesn’t happen, she’ll wait for an opportunity but is never super formal.
    • Tip 2: Chris Winfield – Super connector of people in the media world.
      • Tell us about a time where a connection led to a big moment of success?
        • It happens every single day.
          • It happens every day if he’s looking for and believing it.
          • If he’s in a scarcity mindset, that’s what he’ll receive.
        • What are some practical ways that you add value to people?
          • Ask them questions about themselves and get to know them.
          • Showing up and actually caring helps people be seen and heard.
        • Give us one networking tip you could narrow it down to?
          • Make connections with people.
          • If there’s someone you really want to meet, get there.
          • The extra mile is never crowded.
        • How do you handle rejection?
          • Get over it, it’s really that simple.
          • Think of it from a numbers perspective – every no is a step closer to a yes.
          • What’s going to matter more, someone who said no, or an opportunity you missed?
        • Does handling rejection come naturally?
          • No, he naturally wants to focus on the one person who rejects him.
          • His ego wants him to focus on the negative.
          • Surround yourself with people who will tell you truth and reality.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • I always prioritize the connection and relationship first and I know that it will pay off.
  • My bank account is directly affected by my mindset.
  • Enthusiasm is really underrated.

Resources Mentioned:

Buildyournetwork.co – Podcast website

BYN.media/fb – Facebook Group

Jill Stanton’s Website

Chris Winfield’s Website




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