152: Freestyle Friday | Beauty in the Struggle with Travis Chappell

On this episode of Build Your Network Travis Chappell hosts his first freestyle by telling his personal story.

Here’s what Travis discuss in this episode:

  • Travis provides his background.
    • Grew up in a small town in northern L.A. County.
    • He grew up super religious and graduated Kindergarten and college on the same campus.
    • Travis goes over the strict rules that were enforced in school.
    • He got married at 21 and at 22 he and his wife moved to Fresno, CA.
    • He started doing his podcast, podcast coaching, personal development, etc.
    • At the end of 2015 they got pregnant and at 14 weeks they lost the baby.
    • Travis’ wife’s father passed away and Travis was traveling a lot and they decided to move back to Lancaster.
    • They moved out to Las Vegas because Jackie’s brother lives out there and there’s 0% state income tax.
  • Travis talks about running toward pain and dealing with difficult times of life.
    • The struggle allows us to move to the next part of our life.
    • Take responsibility, there’s no such thing as a good or bad event.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • There’s beauty in the struggle.
  • When I’m on other people’s shows you hear a lot of my highlights, this is the real story.
  • The bad times are some of the best times in life.
  • Our society is always pushing us toward comfort.

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Buildyournetwork.co – Podcast website

BYN.media/fb – Facebook Group

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