155: Freestyle Friday | Getting Rejected with Travis Chappell

On this episode of Build Your Network, Freestyle Friday host Travis Chappell talks about how to handle rejection.

Here’s what Travis discuss in this episode:

  • Travis’ history in door to door sales coupled with starting the Build Your Network Podcast have given him a lot of first-hand knowledge on the subject.
  • One’s ability to handle rejection is directly correlated to their level of success in business and life.
    • Everyone has to handle rejection, and no one loves it.
    • Even the most successful people get rejected.
  • Three ways to grow your ability to handle rejection.
    • #1 – Conviction
      • This gets you comfortable enough to go for the ask.
      • You need to be convinced of your product, service, or company.
        • There’s a difference between a belief and a passion.
      • You need to be convinced of your what and your why.
        • Your why will help you see the deeper purpose of what you’re doing.
        • Your what could be something super simple – i.e. how much money you’ll make on the deal, etc.
      • You have to be convinced of the worst-case scenario principle.
        • The only way to lose in a situation is to not ask.
        • If you don’t ask, the only outcome is rejection.
    • #2 – Consistency
      • You have to ask a lot – the most difficult part of the process.
      • This is where you’ll go through the most rejection.
      • You have to make up in numbers what you lack in skill.
    • #3 – Confidence
      • You have to ask the right way, the most important part of the process.
      • The more confidence you have, the better you are at asking.
      • You have to make sure your confidence account is full at all times.
      • How to deposit in your confidence account:
        • Get better – never stop educating yourself.
        • Get more yes’s.
        • Keep the promises you make to yourself.
          • You are not who you are, you are who you believe yourself to be.
          • Don’t subtract your belief in you.
          • This is the fastest and most efficient way to get better.

Resources Mentioned:

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Start with Why – book by Simon Sinek

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