188: Freestyle Friday | Australia, Bali, and Puerto Rico Recap with Travis Chappell

From Australia to Puerto Rico and more, Travis recaps the past few weeks of his travels and speaking engagements around the world.

Here’s what Travis discuss in this episode:

  • Travis talks about his three-week “world tour.”
    • Travis hosted his Cool People, Cool Places mastermind in Bali.
    • He did mastermind on how to start your own show.
    • The next destination mastermind is already in the works
  • Travis spoke at the We Are Podcast Conference in Australia.
    • Everyone who spoke at the event got to go to a speaker retreat.
  • Next, Travis flew out to New Zealand to L.A. to Puerto Rico to speak.
    • When he landed he was fried from Travel and had to get ready to speak.
  • Travis came home from Puerto Rico and recovered from his trip, he’s still recovering days later.

3 Key Points:

  1. The Cool People, Cool Places meeting was successful and the next one is being planned.
  2. The freedom that podcasting can bring to your life is liberating.
  3. Never say never.

Tweetable Quotes:

 “I’ve learned to never say never and I’ll always do what’s required to make something happen.”

-”Who knew that podcasting would be the vehicle that would allow me to travel around during the work week?”

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