194: Freestyle Friday | Build Your Network University

Learn to Build Your Life Resume in this week’s Freestyle Friday with host Travis Chappell. Travis talks about how billionaire Jesse Itzler focuses on his life experiences to build his life resume. Learn how enriching it is to switch your focus to your experiences over “stuff.”

Here’s what Travis discuss in this episode:

  • Travis Facebook Group Build Your Network Beta is now Build Your Network University.
    • Travis is in the process of revitalizing the group.
    • There will be daily live training in the group on different topics and allow you to connect with people in the industry.
    • This is totally free.
  • The schedule:
    • Monday – Marketing
    • Tuesday – Networking with Travis
    • Wednesday – Business Development
    • Thursday – Investing
    • Friday – Branding
    • Saturday – Random Training Day

3 Key Points:

  1. Travis wanted to revitalize his Facebook group and rebranded it Build Your Network University.
  2. BYN University is free and focused on providing you value in your entrepreneurial endeavors.
  3. Join the group for free to participate in giveaways, training, and networking.

Tweetable Quotes:

  1. “Monday through Saturday at 1 pm Pacific time there will be a teacher at BYN University that is teaching on something.”
  2. “Get as much as you can complete for free from these resources, you will not regret it.”

Resources Mentioned:


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