200: Freestyle Friday | What I’ve learned after 200 episodes with Travis Chappell

On episode 200 of Build Your Network, learn the three lesson’s your host Travis Chappell has learned from doing the Build Your Network Podcast and learn how to enter the 200th episode contest!

Here’s what Travis discuss in this episode:

  • Episode 200 is a contest, upload something about the show on social media and tag @TravisChappell and #BuildYourNetwork to win $100.
  • Travis shares the three lessons he’s learned from doing the Build Your Network podcast.
    • 1 – Invest in yourself – no one can take this investment away from you.
      • Travis tells the story of how he started the Build Your Network Podcast.
      • Learn how Travis’ initial investments in himself paid off.
    • 2 – Commit to consistency
      • It almost took Travis an entire year of thinking about his podcast before he launched.
      • Travis committed to three interviews a week and followed through for a year before re-evaluating.
    • 3 – Take action
      • Failure is just a learning experience.
      • Taking action helps you get to your destination and find the right direction.
      • There are a ton of people who have said “yes” to Travis, but so many who have said “no” or ignored him.
      • In the absence of clarity, take action.

3 Key Points:

  1. Investing in yourself is the only true form of an investment.
  2. You have to commit to consistency.
  3. You need to take action.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Investing in yourself can only ever make you better.”
  • “Being consistent isn’t enough, you need to commit to being consistent.”
  • “Eventually you are going to find the right path, some people take a little bit longer.”

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