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046: Educator to Entrepreneur

On this episode of Build Your Network, Host Travis Chapel interviews Laura Peterson, partner at Accelerant Media and creator of Copy that Pops. Chapel and Peterson discuss how Laura became a successful entrepreneur and her networking tips. Here’s what Travis and Laura discuss in this episode: Laura was a teacher turned entrepreneur. In her early…

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045: Networking With Open Ears and Adding Value with Charles Byrd

In this new episode of the Build Your Network podcast, Travis Chappell interviews Charles Byrd, a public speaker and long-time Silicon Valley business veteran. Byrd’s company Byrd Word, LLC provides productivity training in the areas of marketing, education, and technology. During their networking discussion, Charles Byrd expresses the benefits of offering free webinars through joint ventures…

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044: Why Spending Six Figures on Masterminds Has Been Worth It with Chris Harder

Host Travis Chappell speaks with Chris Harder, founder and host of the hit podcast For the Love of Money, and founder of Isagenix. Chris’s mindset is that when good people make good money they do great things. Chris talks about how his past helped him become the successful entrepreneur he is today and what he…

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